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    Error Messages


    Our RESTful API comes with validations and dedicated error messages that help you as integrator to deal with any kind of exception. The following sections contain detailed information on how validation on API level work, what error messages are transmitted and in which format they are sent.

    General Message structure

    API responses can contain nested error messages in case multiple validation errors occurred. The response contains an http status (see here) and a message as well as a code (see here). The globalTrackId is useful for debugging and general troubleshooting communication with the Concardis Payengine Team! A single error item includes a code, the according validated field and a message that is corresponding to the validation error. Please check the following paragraphs for detailed descriptions of every field.

    General Message structure

      "status": 400,
      "message": "Filtering /customers failed. Check 'errors' array for further details.",
      "code": 6000,

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