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    Settlement reports

    Updates on settlement reports

    The proposed process affects the Settlement Reports as such:

    • New definitions of current terms and addition of new terms in the existing Action column in the spreadsheet.
    • New columns containing new items.

    Settlement report templates for day 1 and day 2

    1. New definitions within "Action" column

    • The existing "Charge" action now means Payment amount being paid out.
    • The existing "Refund" action now means Refund amount being deducted.
    • New actions:
      • CHARGE
      • REFUND
      • CHARGE_FEE
      • REFUND_FEE
      • FEE

    FEE is singular.

    new terms settlement reports

    2. Payout details report

    • Additional rows to be seen in payout details report for chargebacks and adjustments.
    • Action column has CHARGEBACK and ADJUSTMENT.

    Below you can find the samples of the payout details report:

    3. New columns with added terms:

    • "Fee Type" column - will show information on payment type, Gross or Net.
    • "Transaction Payout Reference" column will show information if a payment is paid out and a transaction fee is late.
    • "Transaction Amount" column will show information if a payment has been paid out previously and now a transaction fee is deducted.
    • "Note" column will explain fees or payments that will occur later as reference.
    New columns settlement report

    API summary

    1. Additional attributes transactionPayoutReference, feeType, transactionAmount added in paymentActions child structure.
    2. paymentAction in paymentActions child structure will have one of the values : CHARGE, CHARGE_FEE, FEE, REFUND, REFUND_FEE.
    3. Based on what is settled in which settlement, their respective amount will be shown or set to 0 in the child “paymentActions” structure. i.e., as shown below example,
    • if only CHARGE is settled then "amount": 201, will have charge amount, and if fee is not settled in the same settlement, then "fee": 0 , "flexibleFee": 0, "fixedFee": 0.
    • if only FEE is settled then "fee": -304, "flexibleFee": -4, "fixedFee": -300 will have Fee amount, and if charge amount is not settled in the same settlement, then "amount": 0,
    • If FEE and CHARGE both are settled in the same settlement then, amount will have charge amount "amount": 9700 and fee amount will be shown "fee": -304, "flexibleFee": -4, "fixedFee": -300,
    • Same goes for refund.

    Payout summary

    Chargebacks Amount, Adjustment Amount to be visible in Payout Summary API response, just like we have for charges and refunds today.

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