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    Credit Cards - Checkout

    This guide outlines the basics of using Cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Dankort etc. via our Checkout solution and gives you instructions needed for a fluent implementation.


    Checkout supports the following credit card payments:

    A card payment is handled in two stages: reservation and charge. The reservation is made at the end of a successful checkout flow. We recommend that you charge a card payment when shipping the goods.


    The payment reservation is usually valid up to 30 days, you must charge the payment within this time frame.

    To secure card payments, Checkout always requires 3D Secure on all european issued cards. You can also read more about 3D Secure for Checkout from here.

    Payment Flow

    A credit card payment is executed in two steps: reservation (or authorization) and charge (or capture, settlement).

    First, your customer's payment details get verified and the transaction gets approved. Now the funds are reserved and ready for you to collect.

    Once the order has shipped, you can charge the funds from within your Checkout account (separate capture). That helps avoid refunds and chargebacks.

    Checkout credit card payments support features such as subscriptions (or recurring payments), refunds (full and partial) and charges (full and partial). As long as you have not charged the funds, you can also cancel payments.

    Please find the detailed descriptions of these and other events (update order, terminate payment, cancel pending refund) in our API reference.

    The following diagram below shows the user journey for card payments:

    User journey for cards


    Checkout Credit Card transactions are 3D Secure protected. All Checkout payments are processed according to the European Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

    Please note that while customers from within the EU are subject to these enhanced European regulations, non-EU citizens are not in scope of this directive.

    You can read more about the 3D Secure from here and here as well.

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