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    This guide outlines the basics of using Maestro via Checkout and gives you instructions needed for a fluent implementation.


    Checkout has an integration to Maestro.


    Payment typeCard
    Partial refund
    Update order
    Cancel payment
    Reservation & charge

    You can learn more about the payment operations from here.

    The supported business model for SEPA Direct Debit is only B2C. The B2B business model is not offered.


    If you are already onboarded to MasterCard in our Checkout portal then you can activate Maestro as a payment method.

    User Journey

    This following section will describe the user journey for a consumer:

    Depending on what country the consumer is based from, it will need to be verified with their corresponding authentication eg. bank ID, NemID etc.

    1. When your consumer chooses Maestro as a payment method in the checkout, they will be prompted to enter their:
      • Card number (16 digits)
      • Expiry date (mm/yy)
      • CVC (3 digits)
    2. From here, they will be directed to the 3DS.
    3. After the verification and validation of the true identity with the strong authentication page, the consumer will be able to either approve or reject the payment.
    4. When the payment has been approved, the amount will be reserved on the card.
    5. When you dispatch the goods then the charge amount will be deducted as a charge request will notify Checkout about this.


    Checkout provides the possibility to test for Maestro. You can test Maestro payments in the Nexi Group testing environment.

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