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    Create your first Paylink

    This guide outlines how you can create your first Paylink, testing the Paylinks and on how to customize them.

    Coding: None

    PDF Tutorial

    Besides the guides on here, we also recommend to check our pdf tutorial for detailed step by step instructions.

    1. In your Checkout Paylink account, click Paylink on the left hand navigation bar.

    2. You will then be directed to Click Create Link.

    3. From here, you can now define specific parameters for your Paylink, among them the recipient’s email, the amount, and others. For testing purposes, you should pick an email you have access to in order to check the content.

    4. Once your parameters are defined, click Create.

    5. The payment claim has now been sent to your recipient’s email.

    With the email that was input into the parameter as recipient will then receive the email with the Paylink. Whenever they will click on the generated Paylink URL button, they will be taken to the Nexi Group hosted payment flow as described from here.

    Test your customers experience

    If you have set the email address known to you and that you can access, you can test your consumers' experience by sending the Paylink to yourself. Then, click on the button from the email that has been sent as a result of your Checkout Paylink creation.

    You will then be directed to the payment flow entry page. For testing, you can enter a fictional address and use our testing payment details from here.

    Checkout Paylink comes with a variety of customization opportunities:

    Look & Feel

    The easiest way to customize your Checkout Paylink’s look and feel is through your Checkout Paylink account’s setting section (Look & Feel).

    From here, you can create different profiles for how your Paylink is going to be displayed. You can then choose the profile as part of the “Create your Paylink” flow.

    Optional Parameters

    There is a variety of optional parameters to choose from when you create the Payment Link in your Checkout Paylink account.

    Get more detailed information from the PDF Tutorial.

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