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    This guide outlines the basics of using SOFORT via Checkout and gives you instructions needed for a fluent implementation.

    Before you start

    To process SOFORT payments, Checkout partners with Klarna. Therefore, an additional agreement is required before you can enable SOFORT in your Checkout portal. Please contact our Customer Service Team to get that process started.


    Checkout has an integration to SOFORT which enables your consumers to pay via their SOFORT account.

    Your consumer can make fast, simple, and secure payments directly from their bank accounts. You will then receive real-time confirmations enabling speedy dispatches of goods or immediate download.

    Your consumers make e-commerce payments by selecting Sofort and authenticating the payment through their existing online banking interface together with a one-time confirmation code.


    Payment typeA2A
    Partial refund
    Update order
    Cancel payment
    Direct charge
    Change order
    CurrenciesEUR, GBP, CHF
    CountriesDE, AT, IT, NL, PL, ES, BE, CH, GB

    You can learn more about the payment operations from here.

    The supported business model for SEPA Direct Debit is only B2C. The B2B business model is not offered.


    To activate SOFORT as a payment method and to add it to your Checkout portal, you need to complete the onboarding journey.

    If you already have an existing Checkout portal account, you need to contact Support for this.

    User Journey

    This following section will describe the user journey for a consumer:

    1. Consumer chooses “SOFORT” on the payment selection page.
    2. Consumer is asked to choose country and bank.
    3. Consumer then gets redirected to his bank where he confirms the payment.

    Payment Flow

    SEPA Direct Debit payments are Account to Account payments. That means that certain card related operations are not applicable.

    Applicable methods are:

    • Create payment
    • Retrieve payment
    • Update reference information
    • Update order
    • Terminate payment

    After a successful payment, it will take up to 5 days before the amount will appear in your Checkout account.


    Checkout provides the possibility to test for SOFORT. You can test SOFORT payments in the Nexi Group testing environment.

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