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    Order Management


    This guide outlines the basics of order and payment management via the checkout section of the Checkout Portal.

    Payment Operations

    The following table outlines a brief description of each of the payment operations:

    Cancel payments Canceling a payment which will release the reserved payment amount.
    Collecting Payment Service Provider (also known as CPSP) is where we handle the collecting.
    IPSPInternet Payment Service Provider (also known as IPSP) is where we do not handle the collecting.
    Partial refundsPartially refunding an amount of the total order amount in cases where a consumer returns goods.
    RefundsRefunding the total order amount.
    Reservation & chargeThe payment amount is reserved for some time and later the amount will be deducted.
    Subscriptions Subscribing to a service or a product where you will be handling the charge after the goods has been sent or service has been completed.
    Update order
    Adjusting the amount of goods or items in the order.

    All functionality tables

    You can also find what payment operations are applicable for which payment methods by checking their functionality table.

    The following table outlines all of the payment methods functionality tables corresponding to the payment operations:

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