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    Checkout Paylink and One-Page-Shop Solution

    This section and the following guides outline the functionality where it allows you to make a payment request by sending a generated URL. The One Page Shop Solution allows you to create a One Page Shop within seconds.

    Complexity: Low
    Coding: None


    Before you get started with Paylink, please note that in order to use the Paylink service in production, you will need to:

    1. Set up a Paylink agreement with Checkout by reaching out to Checkout Sales for further assistance
    2. Create Checkout Paylink account
    3. Have a Checkout account
    4. Create a Paylink instance name

    For a more detailed description of the prerequesites then check out the guide here.

    Checkout Paylink allows you to direct your consumers to a secure Nexi Group hosted payment flow by sending a generated URL to them. The generated URL is the Paylink.

    Checkout Paylink supports different types of payments:

    • One-off payments: Immediate capture of transactions (suitable for compliant products and/or services).
    • Reservation: A reserved transaction needs to be captured for funds to be transferred. When applicable, it is recommended to capture reserved transactions within 7 days, however, different payment methods may have slight variability. Check here for an overview of it.

    Checkout One-Page-Shop Solution

    Checkout One-Page-Shop solution enables you to display your items on a website with an integrated Checkout hosted payment flow.

    • Intuitive and simple customization features to design your Checkout One-Page-Shop according to your brand requirements
    • The page is responsive to desktop, tablet and smartphone displays
    • With Visa, Mastercard, Ratepay (installments and direct debit) and PayPal, we offer the most popular payment methods
    • With Checkout One-Page-Shop, you benefit from the whole package with a intuitive and simpe shop system, hosting and payments - all from a single provider.

    There are three ways to share your One-Page-Shop:

    • URL: simply share the One-Page-Shop's URL with your consumers
    • Modal window: if you already have a website, you can add a button for the One-Page-Shop to appear as a child window in front of the main window (overlay)
    • iframe: you can simply integrate a code snippet into your website's HTML for the One-Page-Shop to appear in an iframe

    You can easily create and customise your One-Page-Shop from within your Checkout Paylink account.

    PDF Tutorial

    Besides the guides on here, we also recommend to check our pdf tutorial for detailed step by step instructions.

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