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    Refund a charge

    Refund a charge

    If you need to refund a payment that has been charged, you can use the method Refund charge. It would be more correct to say that it is a specific charge that is being refunded, and therefore you always need a charge identifier when doing a refund. A charge can be fully refunded or partially refunded.

    A full refund only requires the amount to be specified. A partial refund requires a complete order specification. Here follows an example of a partial refund:

    Partial refund

        "amount": 2750,
        "orderItems": [

    You can track the refund events using the webhook events named:

    After a refund has been initiated but still not completed or failed, the refund is in a pending state. It is possible to cancel a pending refund. A refund can be pending for a number of reasons, see the Manage payments guide for more information.

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