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    Website (iframe)

    The iframe solution allows you to display a Checkout Paylink payment page within your website. All you need to do is to copy the code snippets onto your website. For Developers, there are more advanced integration options available.

    Coding: Some

    Necessary Resources

    For the basic implementation, no additional resources are necessary.

    Example Code

    Paste the following code into your website's HTML.

    Code Snippet

    <iframe src="" width="530" height="700">

    For src, you will need to enter the URL of your payment page.

    Advanced Integration

    Code Snippet

    var iFrame = jQuery('iframe');
    var postMessage = function(e) {
      if (typeof === 'string') {

    You might want to implement the following functions (where the comment is at):

    • height: Dynamic height of the iframe. Helps to avoid that the iframe has its own scroll bar.
    • You should not set the parameter appview if you want a dynamic height.
    • top: If you have the dynamic height functionality implemented, you probably need to implement the scroll functionality (e.g. on "Add to cart" button or on "Go to checkout").
    • transaction: Allows you to receive the transaction object with the transaction details like status.
    • closeModal: This contains the redirect URL which defines to what page your customer is led. The iFrame is not allowed to make redirections on your site, therefore you need execute this redirect yourself.

    Here is a complete code example:

    Complete Code Example

    var iFrame = jQuery('iframe');
    var transaction = null;
    var lastPostMessageHeight = 0;

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