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    Checkout for JTL

    This guide describes how to install, configure, and use the Checkout webshop module for JTL.

    Latest version: JTL-Shop 5.0+

    Before you start

    Before you start, you need an Checkout Portal account. See the guide Create account for more information about creating a free test account.


    Our JTL plugin is the perfect extension that enables you to use the Checkout to its full potential for your JTL store. Checkout supports most popular payment methods.

    You may see below all the payment methods offered by Checkout. This list refers to all markets.

    Depending on your country or region, the list may vary. If you are uncertain about a specific payment method and whether it is available in your country or region, please contact Support for more information.

    Checkout plugin - JTL


    As of now, the installation and requirements guides for the JTL plugin is only available in German.

    For the documentation guide in English, please refer to the links above.

    To keep up to date whenever all of the JTL documentation will be made available in English on our page, check the change log.

    Go live checklist

    For more information, refer to the section Go-live checklist.

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