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    Checkout Portal

    This guide describes the Checkout Portal including the dashboard, reports and search.


    This guide outlines a description of each component inside of the Checkout Portal dashboard.

    The following components in the Portal are:

    • Dashboard
    • Reports
    • Company
    • Add-on
    • Search

    You can also read about payments and payouts from here.

    If you are starting out on a test account, some functionalities will not appear until you have finalized the sign-up process, been onboarded and live.


    The Checkout Portal dashboard gives you an overview of some key insights of your payments and orders. This includes data on:

    • New payments
    • Total sales volume
    • Average order value
    • Payout amount
    • Payment methods
    • Latest orders

    These key insights can be toggled to include or exclude data with a specific currency and within a given timeframe based on the view of either a particular day, week or month.


    The Checkout Portal reports section gives you the option to generate and export reports based on the payouts data.

    After 14 days, reports will be removed from the reports page.

    The reports overview will show:

    • Created date
    • Merchant ID
    • Document name
    • Date range
    • Currency
    • Format

    For each generated report, you will be able to perform a set of quick actions.


    The search component lets you search for payments which can be searched by either the:

    • Order ID
    • Payment ID
    • Consumer name
    • Consumer email
    • Consumer phone number
    • Subscription ID
    • Card number

    The search results can be filtered by its' state and toggled to include or exclude data within a given timeframe based on the view of either a particular day, week or month.


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