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    Payment methods draft

    This article describes the various payment methods supported by Checkout.


    Checkout supports the following payment methods:

    • Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
    • Account to account: Checkout supports SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT and Trustly
    • Invoice and Installments: offers your customer to pay within 30 days. We support After Pay and RatePay Invoice. With AfterPay you can allow your customers to split a purchase into multiple payments as well
    • Wallets: such as Swish (Sweden), Vipps (Norway), and MobilePay (Denmark). PayPal is supported as well.

    Please note, that certain payment methods such as Swish, Vipps, RatePay must be enabled in the configurations of your Checkout Account. Which of these appear on your payment window for your customers to choose from, might depend on your country and currency settings.


    Checkout supports Visa and Mastercard payments (and Dankort in Denmark). A card payment is handled in two stages: reservation and charge.

    The reservation is made at the end of a successful checkout flow. We recommend that you charge a card payment when shipping the goods.


    The payment reservation is valid up to 30 days, you must charge the payment within this time frame.

    To secure card payments, Checkout always requires 3-D Secure on all european issued cards.


    Checkout offers your customers to use invoice payments using arvato AfterPay. An invoice payment is completed in two steps: reservation and charge.

    The reservation period for an invoice payment is 30 days, in order to receive funds for the payment you must make the charge within this period. You can attempt charging the payment after 30 days, however there is no guarantee that the charge will be accepted at this point.

    Digital wallets

    Vipps is based on card transactions, please read the information about Card payments above.

    Since the MobilePay, Swish and Vipps payments are handled in an app, consumer shopping on a mobile device may not return to your webshop and Checkout after confirming the payment in the app. To ensure the correct update of the payment status from Checkout, we recommend that you use webhooks.

    Use the webhook called payment.checkout.completed, which is documented under the Webhooks section. By using this webhook, you will receive a notification from Checkout once the checkout process has been completed.

    Country and currency

    In addition to which payment methods you have enabled in your Checkout account configurations, the country and currency settings can determine which of these payment methods are available for your customers.

    While cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex) and PayPal are supported globally (all countries and currencies), other payment methods (Vipps, Swish, MobilePay, others) are supported only for specific countries.

    Therefore both, the checkout objects countryCode property and the order objects currency parameter determine, which of the payment methods that are enabled in your Checkout account are going to be displayed on your webshops payment selection page (Payment Window).

    Use the countryCode parameter to optimize your checkout flow

    With the countryCode property set, your customers benefit from an optimized checkout experience:

    • only the country specific payment methods are displayed
    • certain form fields can be prefilled according to country formats
    • country specific terms and conditions

    Currency property

    The order object's currency property of the Create payment methods is always required.

    CountryCode property

    The checkout objects request body of the Create payment method contains the countryCode property.

    The countryCode parameter is optional. The default value is null. If a value is set (for example NOR), then only payment methods that support both, the country and the currency will be displayed on the payment selection page.


    Currency - Payment method relation per country



    Payment MethodNOKSEKDKKEUR



    Payment MethodNOKSEKDKKEUR



    Payment MethodNOKSEKDKKEUR


    Germany / Austria

    Payment MethodNOKSEKDKKEUR
    RatePay Rechnung
    RatePay SEPA Lastschrift


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